Value for money

Fynbo Classic offers a wide range of good quality products that caters to the price conscious consumer.

This series offers a wide variety of preserves, jellies, fruit fillings and cherry sauces, and comes in a wide variety of sizes and packaging.

Fynbo Classic comes in many different flavours

 - both as 400 g, 550 g and 750 g jars.

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Orange
  • Apricot
  • Boysenberry
  • Strawberry-


Fynbo Classic offers red currant jelly and lingonberry preserves as complimentaries.

Lingonberry preserve is perfect for game courses and red currant jelly is great for hot dishes such as meatloaf.

Red currant jelly can also be used as flavour enhancer in sauces.

Cherry sauce 

Fynbo Classic cherry sauce is primarily used in Denmark as a "finishing touch" to the traditional Christmas rice pudding. Cherry Sauce is also perfect for mousses, yogurts and ice cream desserts.

Fruit fillings

Fynbo Classic fruit fillings are available in 500 g. Flavour assortment includes strawberry, apple, apricot, prune and mixed fruits.

In Denmark, fruit Filling (porridge) is traditionally eaten with milk and cream, but is also ideal for trifle, as a filling in pies or as an accompaniment to ice cream and pancakes.

Classic in the play bucket

Fynbo Classic is also offered in the well-known and popular blue play bucket.

The play bucket is ideal for large families that are fond of preserves and for smaller institutions such as kindergartens, youth centres, etc. Once the preserves have been consumed, the bucket itself can be used by children to play in a sandbox.