Welcome to Fynbo Foods

Fynbo Foods was founded in 2002 by four former colleagues from the jam industry along with myself. The goal was to establish a major employer in Northern Jutland, which could ultimately make an impact on the fruit and vegetable based food market while improving quality standards and producing healthier and more sustainable food.

Due to a high level of business ethics, innovation, open dialogue, efficiency and the best employees, Fynbo Foods has become a market leader today. Fynbo is the leading Danish manufacturer of organic, Fairtrade® and private labels. This development and success could not have been possible without support from our suppliers, customers and the consumers, to which we are both grateful and proud to serve.

Richard Fynbo

A growing business

The company started small with a brand new production facility on Sigenvej in Vraa - a small town in the middle of Vendsyssel in northern Jutland. Today, Fynbo Foods is a well-established food producer of Danish style preserves and the leading producer of preserves in the Danish market.

Due to the increasing demand for Fynbo preserves, our facility has continued to expand over the years with increased capacity to meet consumer demand. Our production facilities include customized and scalable equipment to manufacture a wide range of products to meet a variety of consumer tastes and packaging needs.

Mission & vision

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Fynbo Food's mission is to produce, market and sell processed fruit and vegetable products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

With this in mind, our mission is simply to meet the needs of the quality and price conscious consumer, to ensure fresh great tasting products and to serve retailers with private label products. Our vision is to become the preferred partner to retailers in the Nordic countries as well as a trusted supplier of Danish food specialities to the rest of the world.

Fynbo Foods continuously seeks to create new loyal customers and consumers.

We say what we do - and do what we say

Ethics are a top priority at Fynbo Foods - morality and credibility is the key to our success. Fynbo Foods operates according to all current rules and regulations, is a trusted company and an honest and professional partner, emphasizing the compliance with agreements entered.

The company's ethics policies are an included part of the management system.